• Mesojme Anglisht - Lesson 3

    Mesojme anglisht sipas metodes se BBC-se.

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    Lesson 3

    "My name is Sasha Abramovich. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. I came to London in March 2000. The song is All Shook Up. It's about love and you know that's great…

    The first I met Elvis [was] in my childhood. My father spent three years in Indonesia in the early 60's and he brought some tapes from there and on these tapes there were different sorts of music, but of course Elvis. And so that's how the whole thing started.

    My father told me in the later 50's when Elvis was so huge in the United States and all over the world, the early rock and roll years, you couldn't buy his records at all in Russia and he was literally banned.

    Of course, some people knew about him and they were listening to radio stations and they knew Elvis was great. So what they did, they did [made] their own records - somehow some people managed to smuggle the records. And what they did they used X-ray film - you could actually see the ribs - yes, and they used X-ray film to cut the record.

    We had some very bad copies. We used to trade copies, exchange copies, tapes. It was usually third or fourth copy - very bad quality. You could just hear some scratches and noises and then 'Oh, All Shook Up", Oh, but that was great - that was pure Elvis."

    "Hi, this is Elvis Presley. I guess the first thing people want to know is why I can't stand still when I'm singing. Some people tap their feet; some people snap their fingers and some people just sway back and forth. I just sort of do them all together, I guess."

    Vocabulary / fjalor

    to be born - me u lindë/ kam lindur

    to meet – takoj

    childhood – fëmijëri

    to bring – sjell

    tape - shirit manjetofoni

    huge - jashtëzakonisht i madh

    record - pllakë/disk

    gramafoniliterally - fjalë për fjalë, me plot kuptimin e fjalës

    banned - i ndaluar

    to smuggle - fus kontrabandë

    X-ray film - film radioskopie

    rib - brinjëto cut - këtu = to make

    copy - kopje

    to copy – kopjoj

    to trade - shkëmbej, tregëtoj

    to exchange – shkëmbej

    quality – cilësi

    scratches – gërvishtje

    noises – zhurma

    pure - i/e pastër

    to stand still - qëndroj në vend, pa lëvizur

    to tap - përplas këmbët (sipas ritmit të muzikës)

    to snap - kërcas gishtat (sipas ritmit të muzikës)

    to sway – lëkundem

    hips – vithet

    Explanations / shpjegime:

    in the early 60's - në fillimet e viteve '60

    that's how the whole thing started - ja se si filloi e gjitha


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