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    Adresa 1: Rr.Durresit,Perballe Doganes

    Emri komercial: Fredi Gjenerator

    Mobile: +355 68 90 10 664


    Fredi Generators has been established in 2001. During the following years the company has seen a gradual increase and it currently operates in two trading points in Tirane, and has a polystyrol fabric also. Our Company offers a wide range of professional products such as:

    • Moto generator
    • Automatic Regular Voltage (Voltage Stabilizer)
    • Uninterrupted energy supply (Ups)
    • Materials and equipment for the building industry as forks, electro-motor…
    • Even of polystyrol products with high quality.

    Our company monitors technological developments in production, and stabilization of electricity by fully responding to the demands of our client in accordance with the European standards ISO 9001. Our company has a qualified engineer-technical staff offering solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Our vision is to improve our position in the heavy industry. Faith, discipline are the main factors affecting the implementation and problem solving, making possible the achievement of our goal.



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